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উভয় ডোজ ভ্যাকসিন নিয়েছেন ৮৪ দশমিক ৩ শতাংশ অন্টারিওবাসী

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উভয় ডোজ ভ্যাকসিন নিয়েছেন ৮৪ দশমিক ৩ শতাংশ অন্টারিওবাসী - The Bengali Times
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Ontario has so far administered 2 crore 24 lakh 8 thousand 754 doses of vaccine. About 8.1 percent of those 12 years of age and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Both doses of the vaccine have been administered by 64.3% of Ontarians.

Meanwhile, the Ontario government is set to announce next week when all Ontarians will receive the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Health Minister Christine Elliott said in a tweet on Friday that the plan would include information on when the third dose of the vaccine would be available to all Ontarians. Christine Elliott made the announcement after the National Advisory Committee on Immunization Canada expanded its eligibility policy for booster doses of Covid-19.

The Ontario government began administering a third dose of the vaccine in August to selected at-risk communities. It was expanded last month. Two months or eight weeks after taking the second dose is determined as eligibility for the third dose.
The Ministry of Health says the minimum time between two doses should be 28 days. However, if the interval between the two doses is longer, the immune system is better. The Ontario government is still considering both doses to be fully vaccinated.

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