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‘আমার বিপক্ষে ভোট চাইলে একদম খেয়ে ফেলব’

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‘আমার বিপক্ষে ভোট চাইলে একদম খেয়ে ফেলব’ - The Bengali Times
Amir Hossain

In Kaliganj, Jhenaidah, an old man named Atul Bagchi was allegedly threatened with death if he wanted to vote for another candidate. The incident took place at Mahadevpur village in Kaliganj upazila.

Atul Bagchi said he was working for Rafiqul Islam Rafi in Ward 8 of Sundarpur-Durgapur Union. On Friday afternoon, he went to Mahadevpur village to seek prayers and support for member candidate Rafi Uddin. At that time he met the present member Amir Hossain. At that time, he said abusively, no one can work for him. He threatened to kill me if I worked for another candidate.

An old man named Razzak Biswas said that Amir Hossain and some of his associates had threatened to eat Atul Bagchi fresh when he went to Mahadevpur village to seek votes for member candidate Rafiqul Islam Rafi. At this time, they were also threatened in various ways not to come to ask for votes.

Member candidate Rafiqul Islam Rafi said that Amir Hossain and his people were threatening him when his supporters went to different places to seek votes.

In this regard, Amir Hossain said that he had met Atul at Mahadevpur Daspara on Saturday afternoon but no threat was given.

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