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আহারে আমার লুঙ্গিতেই আটকা পড়লেন: পরীমণি

আহারে আমার লুঙ্গিতেই আটকা পড়লেন: পরীমণি - the Bengali Times
<span style=vertical align inherit><span style=vertical align inherit><span style=vertical align inherit><span style=vertical align inherit>Actress Parimani<span><span><span><span>

Parimani is the protesting actress of Dhaka cinema. Last October 24 was his birthday. Every year the heroine celebrates the day in a very splendid way. This time too he was no exception. The main stage of the fairy’s birthday was arranged in the shape of an aircraft cockpit. On the night of her birthday, Parimani came to the cockpit dressed as an airman. She shared the joy with the invited guests by cutting the cake, dancing and singing.

Meanwhile, netizens started reacting sharply when the bride’s special dress was dancing and the video went viral. Some call the fairy’s recent activities ‘brave’, ‘right answer’. Again, someone calls it ‘Belallapana’.

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Meanwhile, the fairy is busy with her movie work. When he came back after the shooting, he gave a funny status on social media. The status given by him is presented exactly to the reader.

He wrote, “It’s just that I took a break from shooting for ‘Gunin’ and joined the shooting again after the birthday celebration, the hustle and bustle with the kids all day, the late night party from the evening, the early morning court the next day. ” When I came back home after finishing a great movie, I saw that you were stuck in my lungi! Looking at you at the meal, I feel really happy. Thank you.

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