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A young man has been shot dead by his girlfriend in Katwa, West Bengal, India. Meanwhile, the police arrested the youth named Lalchand Sheikh on the charge of ‘rape’. It is learned that on the basis of the complaint of the mother of the accused girl, the police of Katwa police station arrested the boyfriend Lalchan from his house.

The lover’s mother alleged that the accused lover Lalchand had raped his teenage daughter. That is why his daughter shot Lalchand to death. However, Morzina Bibi, the mother of boyfriend Lalchand Sheikh, has denied the allegations. He countered that he had now falsely accused her of raping his son in order to save his daughter. I wanted to marry the boy with that girl. The girl also came to my house.

It may be mentioned that last Wednesday night, the young woman called her boyfriend Lalchand in the alley next to a shopping mall in Katwar Circus Maidan area and proposed marriage. However, when her boyfriend Lalchand rejected the offer, she fired at him with a one-shutter pipe gun.
But the bullets missed the target, ripped off his jacket and hit Lalchand Sheikh in the abdomen. Lover Lalchand Sheikh survived for a while. After that the police arrested the accused lover. Then on Friday the shooting took a new turn. Police also arrested boyfriend Lalchand Sheikh on the basis of allegations made by the mother of the arrested lover. Now the police cannot go for any solution without investigation.

Source: G News.

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