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Sylhet Metropolitan Police Court Inspector Pradeep Kumar Das was caught red-handed during an immoral act with a female constable in his court room. The incident took place in his court room on Wednesday night.

According to sources, Court Inspector Pradeep Kumar Das called a female constable who was on leave to his room in the court building in the dark of night. At around 9 pm, the door of the court inspector’s room was opened and the lights were turned off. Other policemen entered the room. At this time, when the lights are on, you see two people in an awkward situation. They later informed the higher authorities.

The matter has been confirmed by Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Nisharul Arif. He said departmental action was being taken against Sylhet Metropolitan Police court inspector Pradeep Kumar Das. He has also been closed. Inspector Pradeep’s leave in the police line and female constable’s leave has been canceled.

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