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‘সালমানের দয়ায় বাঁচি না, আমারও টাকা আছে’

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Ayush-Salman-Arpita (file photo)

Bollywood nephew and his brother-in-law Ayush Sharma’s new film ‘Antim’ is moving at a snail’s pace at the box office. The film has also won the hearts of critics, leaving Satyamev Jayate Two behind. However, Ayush is not able to avoid trolls. However, he did not remain silent in the face of the troll, he replied in harsh language.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actor said, “Unfortunately, Salman Khan’s name is mentioned in everything I do in my life. I mean, even in small matters. Suppose I bought a car. I have to hear, oh car! .. Salman must have bought it. Or suppose you did it, you got it for Salman. ‘

Angry Ayush said, ‘I do not live in the mercy of Salman, I also have money! I have never walked around with wind on my body at all. ‘ However, this does not mean that Ayush is not grateful to Salman. Ayush has always respected Salman. Besides, he is very close to Salman’s mind.
‘Final: The Final Truth’ was released on the big screen last week. Although it was a bit loose at first, it has been reported in the last news that this movie starring Salman and Ayush is slowly turning around at the box office. So far, the film has grossed Rs 39 crore. Note that Salman’s adopted sister Arpita’s son-in-law Ayush. They have two children.

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