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লিওনেল মেসি। ছবি সংগৃহীত

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লিওনেল মেসি। ছবি সংগৃহীত - The Bengali Times
Lionel Messi. Pictures collected

In fact, there may be problems. It would not be a misunderstanding to talk openly with me. I have been a journalist for 30 years. You are acquainted with many journalists in Jessore. Okay, Mama, maybe I said something a little harsh, don’t worry.
With the exception of Lionel Messi, PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino made the squad against Leipzig in the Champions League. The Argentine boss planned not to play Messi mainly due to injury. The former Barcelona star went to the Spanish city and famous place Madrid to heal that injury. Messi went to a clinic in Madrid with a left leg injury, the images of those moments were captured on the camera of the Spanish television channel La Sexta.

Messi was injured in the League One match against Lille on October 30. Pachettino picked him up after playing almost half of that match. The Argentine coach did not include Messi in the squad against Leipzig. PSG lost points by drawing 2-2 in that match.

At the Red Bull Arena on 3 November, the defense of Achraf Hakimi, Marquinhos, Kimpembed was broken and Leipzig was caught in the eighth minute. PSG paid for that goal in the 21st minute of the match. Georgino Vinaldam made it 1-1 for PSG with a pass from Killian Mbappe. Before the first half, PSG sent the ball to the net of Leipzig once again. Winaldam wrote his name on the score board again. However, in the end, the French club could not hold the lead of 2-1 goals.

Dominic made it 2-2 in the last minute for Leipzig. PSG also ended a disappointing match. As a result of this draw, PSG has 6 points in 4 matches. Manchester City is at the top with 9 points. Lapzig is at the bottom of the table with one point and Club Brugge is at the bottom with three points.

Messi is not having a good time. Not getting goals in the league. All three of the goals he has scored for the new club so far are in the Champions League. PSG did not put Messi in the XI in several matches. Surprisingly, the Parisian club won the match against Lille after picking up Messi.

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