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নীল ছবির ভুল পথে হারাল বাংলাদেশি তরুণীর স্বপ্ন

নীল ছবির ভুল পথে হারাল বাংলাদেশি তরুণীর স্বপ্ন - the Bengali Times
8216Shahira Bari8217 an American expatriate of Bangladeshi descent

The dream was to work in Hollywood. Regardless of the heroine, any character around her can go. That’s why Shahira Bari, an American expatriate of Bangladeshi origin, became the model for an adult photo website. He also quit his teaching profession to fulfill his dream. But Shahira frankly admitted that she had gone the wrong way in this insanity.

Now she regrets that such a website is not safe for ordinary girls.

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Shahira, a teacher by profession, wanted to be a model. For this, he did not miss the opportunity to work as a ‘body double’ of famous Hollywood model actress Kim Kardashian.

However, in the context of being a model for a website called ‘Only Fans’, Shahira said, “Actually, the opposite has happened here. I thought, even if not completely, this site will give me some opportunities to work in Hollywood. But after a while I realized my idea was wrong. “

After subscribing to the website for a fixed fee, members can upload the content of their choice. Shahira also said that many Hollywood stars are members of the website. So he too became interested. However, he was unaware of the risk.

He said that a lot of modeling work has been lost due to being a member of that website. There have even been financial and social losses. Tiktak also stopped making money from the video because Tiktak closed his account. His Snapchat account has also been shut down.

Shahira thinks that all this has happened because she is a model of that website.

However, being a member of this website has not had any effect on famous artists. In this context, Shahira says, as much as the problem is only chunoputidera! Source: Anandabazar Patrika

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