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দেখা করতে গিয়ে লকডাউনে আটকা, শেষে বিয়েই করলেন যুগল

দেখা করতে গিয়ে লকডাউনে আটকা, শেষে বিয়েই করলেন যুগল - the Bengali Times
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In many rural and rural areas of China, it is customary for the bride to go from house to house. Stay there one day. In addition to talking face to face with the pot, there will also be conversations with the people of the future in-laws. For one such day, the 26-year-old Zhao went to another city to meet Pot Fei.

But after Zhao went there, he got into trouble. The city of Fei in China is experiencing a sudden increase in coronavirus infections, prompting a lockdown. The young woman was trapped there. Since he had no chance to go anywhere, he had to stay at Faye’s house. Although at first Zhao was a little hesitant about this. Because, the young woman still could not decide to make him his life partner.

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During the lockdown, Zhao and Fei came closer. They spend time in story-telling. The changed chemistry of the two did not escape the eyes of the people of the house. Later, when the people of the house confronted the two of them and asked about it, they agreed to the marriage. Then they got married.

“I sell apples online,” Zhao told local Chinese media. For this I have to work many nights. It all depends on the online market. When I work at night, Faye stays awake for me. Occasionally over a cup of hot coffee our friendship deepened. I am very happy to get fake. ‘

The couple’s love story has gone viral on Chinese media. Apart from greeting them, various people are making various comments.

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