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কাদের বিজয় উৎসব করে বাংলাদেশ?

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কাদের বিজয় উৎসব করে বাংলাদেশ? - the Bengali Times
Taslima Nasrin

Bangladesh won the war against Pakistan in 1971. We all know this. The defeated Pakistani soldiers left the country with their heads bowed. We also know. But fifty years after the victory of the ideology that Bangladesh fought for, how much remains? I don’t know who will answer this question. But I will say out loud, there is almost nothing left. There are thousands of examples that almost nothing is left. I am an example. I believe in the ideology of liberation war one hundred percent, and I live and write in that ideology, but I have no place in that country. I have no right to live in that country. I was expelled from the country by Khaleda Zia in 1994. I entered the country ignoring the bloodshot eyes of Sheikh Hasina to see my dying mother. But within three months, in January 1999, Sheikh Hasina expelled me from the country in the same manner as Khaleda Zia. Today, for 26 years, I have been forced to live a life without relatives, without friends, without a home.

Am I an ally of Al-Badr, Razakar, Al-Shams of the enemy soldiers in the war of liberation? No, I was a child, a strong supporter of the liberation war and many of my family were heroic freedom fighters. Did I grow up to be a murderous rapist thief robber? No, I became a physician by studying the medical sciences of the father of a secular educated family physician. Year after year, I have been providing health services as a Government Physician at the Gram Ganj Health Center, and I have been busy day and night in the great work of healing the sick people in the Government Hospitals of Dhaka City. Besides medical treatment, literature was one of my hobbies. I write poetry from adolescence. And what was the subject of my story novel essay? Everything that was in the constitution of Bangladesh, secularism, democracy, socialism, Bengali nationalism; There was equality between men and women, human rights, humanity. There was bigotry, misogyny, terror, And protest against communalism. Pro-Pakistan, anti-independence of Bangladesh, anti-liberation war, anti-secularism, anti-democracy, misogynistic bigoted evil forces naturally became vocal against me. In fact, the person I was not their target, was all a ploy to make them politically strong by taking advantage of me. The Khaleda government of Bangladesh and the Hasina government knew about this ploy. None of them stood by me, they stood by the side of that pro-Pakistan fanatical evil force. By defeating me, they made them win. He gave me all the opportunities and facilities to do politics with religion by expelling me from the country. Not only that, he took care of the evil power and put it in the parliament. All the governments of the country have bowed down to the anti-liberation forces. They have accepted their demands one by one. They have built themselves in their style. Jamaat-e-Islami in government,

My family was tortured by Pakistani soldiers. After torturing my father, the soldiers left him almost dead outside the house. He entered the house and looted all our gold coins. He took the girls to the camp and raped them. My family has been persecuted again in the so-called independent Bangladesh. By the accomplices of the enemy troops, by their successors, by the supporters of the religious politics of Pakistan. Pakistani soldiers brutally killed progressive poets, writers, philosophers, teachers, film directors, composers, singers, who were the pride of Bengalis. In the same way, the pro-Pakistan fanatical militant group has targeted to kill progressive people. Today, there are many supporters of these militants all over Bangladesh. Nehat is no less a group against secularism. Today Bangladesh is helping this group.

The flag of Bangladesh is also flown by evil forces today. Because they know that Bangladesh government is ruling the country with the ideology of religious politics of Pakistan. That is why today secularism has been replaced by secularism and state religion has taken its place. In the name of democracy, family law is not based on equality but on the basis of religion as it was in Pakistan. The attack on non-Muslims continued for several days. The same is true in Pakistan. In the last fifty years, due to the tireless efforts of different governments, Bangladesh has become a second Pakistan. This territory, which is thousands of miles away from Pakistan, has been formed in the style of Pakistan. Today’s Victory Day is for the Razakars, Albadars, Alshams and countless fanatics who have been brainwashed by their mantras. The victory of secular people took place in 1971. Today is the victory of fanatical people. This victory is not mine. This victory belongs to the patrons of millions of mosques and madrasas, this victory belongs to the anti-women secularism waz businessmen, This victory belongs to the Razakars and their successors. In 1971, a small Pakistan was sitting in ambush inside Bangladesh, that Pakistan has grown up and now has taken the shape of a giant. That is why Pakistan has won against the ideology of liberation war and against secularism, civilization and culture.

The government of Bangladesh has evicted me from my country. Those who deeply believed in progressive-secularism, women’s equality and the ideology of the liberation war were killed by the pro-Pakistan fanatical forces. The government has shown reluctance to arrest and prosecute those murderers, and has shown reluctance to stand up against atrocities. History bears witness. Those who are progressive have left the country and taken refuge in other countries for their own safety. Those who are in the country, they are living with a lock on their face. The state of Bangladesh has only ensured the safety of the pro-Pakistan razakar-loving child rapists, misogynists, anti-Hindus, anti-Christians and anti-Buddhists. I am a pro-liberation man, there is no security for me in Bangladesh. My fear is that with the cooperation and support of the government, Bangladesh will become a more dangerous militant state than Pakistan. In a state where even a pro-liberation animal will have no security of life. Everyone must die, or leave the country. Whether people admit it or not, Bangladesh has had such tragic consequences in the last fifty years.

The name of the country is still Bangladesh, the national anthem is still Rabindranath’s Sonar Bangla. People who are against Bengali language and culture will one day change this national music. The reason for this fear is aquatic life. We have seen who is the biggest procession in the country, we have seen the government bowing to any power of the country, we know whose unjust demands the government accepts. No one knows which way the country is heading. The pro-liberation forces are now a minority, believe it or not.

No one in Pakistan has hacked to death so many secular people. Is there no atheist in Pakistan? There are lots. They did not suffer as much in that country as they did in Bangladesh. Has any Pakistani government caught a writer like me and expelled him? Didn’t. Progressives who fled the country for security during the rule of any Pakistani government may return to the country if the government changes. I am a humanist writer, but I am not allowed to return to the country under any government. When an injustice has been going on for a long time, people take it for granted. The people of the country have taken it as normal that one government after another has been doing injustice to me for 26 years.

Who celebrates victory in the country we got in exchange for the blood of 3 million people? This festival to preserve any ideology? The pro-liberation forces have the power of arms in the government, but that power is now in the minority. The Razakars and the pro-Pakistan fanatics who are cracking down on the evil forces of the country have also joined the party of power. The government that bowed to them is now compromising by cutting off the ideology of the liberation war, blowing up secularism and maintaining the family law based on religion. I don’t know how long this Victory Day can be celebrated. My fear is that one day the enemy troops of 1971 and their successors will no longer celebrate Victory Day, the country will be plunged into darkness, Pakistan will be engulfed in more darkness than ever before. Much like Afghanistan. Maybe then I will say goodbye to my beloved country forever, and all the well-meaning citizens. Author: Exiled Writer.

Source: Bangladesh Pratidin

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