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The newly resigned Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting. Murad Hasan

The newly resigned Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting. A student of Dhaka University has accused Murad Hasan of making ‘perverted sex’ and ‘hateful’ statements. He lodged the complaint with Shahbagh Police Station on Tuesday.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Shahbagh Police Station Moudut Hawlader confirmed the information. “We have made a GD based on the allegations,” he said. Then it will be sent to the cyber crime department.

The OC said that Murad had insulted the female students of Dhaka University and insulted the university. University student Julius Caesar has lodged a complaint with the Talukdar police station.

According to the indictment, former Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hassan Nahid came to a live event on a Facebook page called Raines Pictures and made provocative remarks. Caesar Talukder described the statement as “perverted sex and hateful”.

According to Caesar, Murad Hasan has deliberately neglected Dhaka University, the oldest and most traditional school in the country. At the university, Rokeya Hall and Shamsunnahar Hall have tried to assassinate female students. In the speech of Murad Hasan, Caesar mentioned that not only Dhaka University but also other educational institutions have been shown intense disrespect.

He writes that by showing intense disrespect towards the schools, he has shown an attempt to carry out the politics of hatred in a medieval manner. On the other hand, he has tried to assassinate the female students by spreading propaganda against them, expressing his opposition to women’s participation in politics and social activities. This statement of Murad Hasan has socially degraded the students of Dhaka University.

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