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করোনার নতুন ভ্যারিয়েন্ট কতটা ভয়ঙ্কর?

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After a short break, Kovid Nineteen has reappeared in a new form by saving energy. This time the new variant found in Africa is spreading panic all over the world. Scientists say this new type of virus, which has changed form thousands of times, is unusual and frightening. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also concerned about the new type of gamma variant, which was introduced in Brazil 10 months later. Currently there are 6 more variants under observation.

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The Corona situation was becoming much more normal in most countries except Europe and America. The new variant Omicron has suddenly become a headache for the whole world.

Within about two years of the epidemic, thousands of species of Kovid Nineteen have been identified. But the World Health Organization is not saying everything is worrying. Of the 13 terrifying variants, including Delta, 5 are currently on the rise. The most horrible of which is called Omicron. Which has changed shape 50 times so far, and Spike Protein has changed 30 times.

Several new types of corona can spread horror. 6 variants have been kept under observation due to such fears. The World Health Organization (WHO) says a new type is actually weaker than the previous one.

Maria von Karkhov, head of the World Health Organization’s technical committee on corona, said the whole world was moving in a very good direction. But the new variant has made everyone think again. Now extensive research on this type is required. Everything can be known through lab tests. It is also important to know what kind of effects it has on the human body, even after receiving medical treatment and vaccines.

Research and observations have begun on the effectiveness of the vaccine against this new variant of corona. Emphasis is placed on awareness to survive this horrible type of covid.

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