The Shadow

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The Shadow

Dedicated to

All the secret agents that act as civilians’ guardian angels protect us like shadows. To all the unsung heroes, your work and dedication has allowed us the life we live so freely today.

For my Parents…



Sincere and humble thanks to:

My Sister and Father, to their dedication of editing this piece.

My Mother, for her love and patience with the writing process. Her extraordinaire ideas and creativity has always worked as an inspiration.    



If there is light then there is dark, if there is God then there are angels and demons and if there is a positive vibe then there is a negative vibe. With these beautiful words I would like to start my story.


Max took his dog Casper out for a walk. Max was a young adult. He was very strong, well mannered and a twisted young man. He was clean shaved, had grey eyes, a brunette, born and brought up in New York.

His parents were Indian. They were from Bihar. So, that makes Max an Anglo-Indian. As Max was walking he thought about the weird dreams he was having for the past few days.

As usual Max sat on a bench and tied Casper to a pole and started eating his favorite double-cheese sandwich, and Casper munching his Purina.

Then, a young blonde, in her early twenties sat beside Max. She had beautiful brown eyes and her hair was tied up in a ponytail. Suddenly, Casper started to bark at her. Max quickly quieted him and asked him to sit. He looked at the young lady who was a bit astonished by the dog’s behavior. Max smiled at her apologetically. She smiled back.

Max got up and untied Casper. They went back to their apartment. Max was staying in Ney York for his work. He wanted company and a good friend so he bought Casper from a pet-shop. When he first saw Casper he was a newborn puppy and had whitish-brown fur. Casper was a mixed-breed, between German shepherd and Husky.

It had been five years of their friendship and eight years since Max started staying alone in New York. Now Casper was a huge, strong and well-trained dog. He was quite friendly. Casper and Max were not just friends they became brothers who looked out for one another.

Max stayed in a two-bedroom apartment. As, he was organizing his room his attention drew towards the window. He saw the same girl coming towards the building. She waited in front of the building’s main door and after a few minutes he saw two heavy trucks approaching the building.

Workers started to unload the first truck. Max understood that she was moving in the building. He was very excited and nervous at the same time. He quickly ran towards his main door opened it very slowly and quietly. He peeked out of the gap to see if she was moving in his floor.

After a few minutes, he saw a lady who was in her early forties come up, and unlock the door that was on the extreme right and opposite to his side. Max thought it was her mother.

Guess what? It was her mother because two of the workers whom the girl had given orders were holding a couple of boxes waiting for the lady to open the door so that they can keep them inside. Max was overwhelmed and started to dance in his mind.

Suddenly, Casper somehow managed to squeeze himself out through the gap and started to help the lady to find her keys.

She had dropped them. So, Max without missing this opportunity also started to search for the keys. Casper finally found the keys and Max took the keys from Casper with great difficulty and gave it to the lady. He further offered the lady if she needed extra hands. The lady smiled and said, “Its ok! If I do then I will let you know and thank you.”

The lady looked at Casper and smiled. She gave Casper three biscuits in reward. Max patted Casper and introduced him to the lady. She unlocked the door and instructed the workers to put the boxes down in the hallway. Max and Casper went home. He closed the main door, sat on the couch and turned on his favorite show.

After a few moments, Max went to the kitchen to make lunch. He called his mother to learn a new recipe as he got bored eating the same food over and over again. His mother picked up the call and asked him to turn on his camera. Max turned on the camera after organizing his house.


The conversation

Max: Hi mom! How are you?

Mother: I am good. What about you?

Max: I am fine, but am missing you and Dad a lot.

Mother: We miss you too. Let me guess! (After a pause) I think you have called me to know learn another recipe.

Max: (smiling broadly) how did you know? I actually got bored eating the same food over and over again.

Casper jumps on the stable and happily moves his tail rapidly then starts to lick the phone.

Max: (Annoyed) hey! Sit down stop licking my phone.

Mother: Oh! Hi Casper you seem to be very happy to see me. (Turning to Max) I am surprised that he still remembers me even though it’s been so long.

Max: (Taking Casper on his lap and sitting in a comfortable position on the couch) of course he does Ma he is a dog. Dog’s memories are sharper than humans. See how big he has become.

Max’s father comes from behind his mother

Max: (Overjoyed) hi! Dad I heard about your success in the new deal on the news. This is the best day ever. First the girl moving in and now a family reunion over the phone, wow.

Father: Thank you Son, it has actually been a long time that all of us have not talked together. How is your work going on and who is the girl Huh??

Max: (Blushing and Stammering) umm… she… is… no one Dad. It… was… just… a… slip of tongue. (Immediately changing the topic to save from the embarrassment) To be honest my work is going good. I think very soon they will promote me to a higher rank.

Father: Wow!! A double promotion, in just three months. I am really proud of you son. (Laughing) Now come on, tell us about the mysterious girl.

Mother: Oh what do I hear? There is a girl in my son’s life now. (Looking at her husband) Now, he will forget about his mother.

Max: (Smiling and blushing) oh come on you guys. There is seriously no girl in my life. Ma I will never forget about you no matter what happens or whoever comes into my life.

Father: Oh really?? I highly doubt that there is no girl in your life.

All three of them started to laugh aloud. After a good laugh Casper suddenly started to bark at the phone in a frightened way. He was pointing at a shadow behind Max’s parents. The shadow was big and it was looked like a well-built muscular man’s shadow.

The shadow: Your time is up Prashant.

The shadow turned off the camera. Then there was hue and cry. Prashant was pleading to let his wife go.

Max: (Shouting aloud) Please let my parents go. Why are you doing this with us? We even do not know you?

Mother: (Shouting in pain) Let go of my hair you monster.

The shadow: (Shouting angrily) Grab Prashant and hold him tightly. (In a calm voice and laughing) See Prashant what do I do with your wife.

Prashant: (Shouting helplessly and crying aloud) Noooo…. Please let my wife go.  I am the one who you want so, take me and let her go.

There were a lot of crying, shouting and breaking of objects over the phone then suddenly, there was complete silence.

Max woke up with a big and frightened shout and saw Casper was licking his face to wake him up because he was getting afraid and moving drastically in his sleep. His clothes and part of the couch was wet. He was feeling very cold and terrified. He hugged Casper and started to cry like a baby.

Casper also held him tight and started to lick him. For some reason Max’s terrifying nightmares have started again. His nightmares were so real that it felt like the things were actually happening.

His nightmares had started after his parent’s death two years ago. Nobody till now knows how his parents were killed and when. The scariest thing is that their bodies have still not been found. His nightmares had stopped for six months but have recently started again and Max has no idea why.

Now a new character has entered his nightmare it is “The Shadow.” Here is a funny thing the whole house was well organized and clean. He looked at the kitchen and saw that the potatoes, onions, garlic, etc were neatly cut and placed in their respective bowls. He also found Casper sitting on his lap the exact way he was sitting in his nightmare.

Before his dream everything was just the opposite. What does this mean then? Before he could think further somebody behind the main door rang the bell so loudly that Max fell off the couch and a funny noise was produced. As usual, Casper started to bark rowdily at the door. After a few minutes, the person behind the door shouted, “Calm down buddy, it’s me David, open up I need to talk with Max.” Casper started waving his tail rapidly and stood on his legs to open the door.

David patted and gave a couple of cookies to Casper then he closed the door behind him. He saw that Max was very terrified and very sweaty. David’s mood immediately went from being all happy to tensing up. He helped Max get up and made him sit on the couch. He brought a glass of cold water for David to calm his nerves. David asked in a tensed tone, “It’s the nightmare again isn’t? But it had stopped for a long time then why did it begin again?”

Max looked at David all depressed and nodded with a sigh. Max was not in the state to talk at all. David looked at his wrist watch it was 6:00 pm. David announced joyfully, “Let’s go outside and get some fresh air and anyways it is time for Casper’s evening walk.” Max smiled at his best friend and then hugged him to say thank you for everything and always coming at the right time.

The three of them went out of the building and entered the society’s park. After walking a few yards, Casper got aggressive and was barking in a very violent way. He was charging at the person who was coming from the opposite direction. David was surprised by his behavior. Max looked up to see who was coming, and then he saw it was the same girl and she was quite frightened.

David and Max both of them had to grab the rope together tightly as Casper is very strong. They somehow dragged Casper to a corner then tied him with a pole. Casper groaned at them in an angry way, but both of them looked at each other and started to laugh aloud, Casper rolled his eyes and lay down. Even Casper’s anger looked funny. They sat on a bench beside the pole then Max started to speak in a serious tone while looking at Casper, “It is the second time that Casper has reacted in a very aggressive way towards that girl and you know what is weirder he was all okay with her mother and helped her find the keys.”

David smiled at Max, “Everything is going to be okay, it’s probably just the workload and you are over-thinking.” David said this to Max so he can be relaxed, but at the back of David’s mind he knew that all the negative things happening together was not a coincidence but a sign, to get ready for what is coming in the near future.

Max told David everything about the nightmare and the things that happened. For the first time in a long time, David was scared and astonished. Not only for the entry of a new character but also for sleepwalking. Max never had this habit, it was the first time and it is more dangerous because he was having the nightmare at the same time. David was seriously quite tensed about Max now, so he decided to move in Max’s apartment right now and stay with his friend till everything goes back to normal.

David told Max that he would come back in a few hours with his luggage. So in the meantime Max was jay walking around the park, observing the beautiful scenery. As he looked up at the sky he could see little stars twinkling and in between, was the big faded white Moon. A smooth and relaxing breeze was swirling around the park. Whenever the breeze would go past Max it would give him Goosebumps. His hands were getting cold so he put his hands in his pockets. As he was going towards the shop to buy himself a double cheeseburger he saw the girl and at once stopped walking.

He got very nervous and did not know what to do. So, he just stared at her. Her beautiful and natural blond hair was not tied up; they were let loose dancing with the wind. Air lightly blew by her pretty dress and she kept on drawing loose strands of her hair away from her face. Her body gestures said everything about her mesmerizing personality.

The moment she looked back Max slightly jumped and nervously looked away. He also had the presence of mind to take his hands out of his pocket. He started to sweat a lot, so took out his handkerchief and wiped his forehead with it. She gave him a sweet smile and Max smiled too, he tried to hide his nervousness but it was all over his face.

 He went to her after gathering a lot of courage and said, “I am sorry Miss, to stare at you like that.” The shopkeeper was asking for money so Max paid him before she could open her purse. Then she said, “Thank you but I don’t like to owe anybody.” Max quickly said that if she would let him pay, then he will consider that he has been forgiven for his stupid and rude behavior. So, she kept the money back in her purse. Max pleasantly smiled at her. He thought to himself that alas Casper was not here with him this time or else he would have lost another great opportunity. He further apologized to her for his dog’s rude behavior then she said, “Its okay but we should not forget that a dog can sense things which we humans cannot and on top of that your dog’s breed is a very special and rare breed. All I’m saying is be wise.”

She walked away after giving Max a sneaky smile. What was she trying to say and why would she even say this? Max’s heartbeat had risen up and his mind overclouded with strange and scary thoughts. He quickly bought a bottle of cold chilly water and drank it up in one big gulp.

He then threw the bottle in the dustbin and started to jog while listening to music. After a few rounds, his eyes went towards a scared and troubled young boy who was in his early teens. He went to him and asked him if he was okay or not. The boy nodded sadly then looked down.

The boy was shivering out of fear as if someone was going to kill him now. Max had just remembered that Casper was all alone tied with the pole. So, he quickly ran towards the pole to get Casper but when he reached, Casper was not there instead fresh blood was flooding the area.

Max freaked out but he had the presence of mind to examine the whole area to find clues. He saw that, there were little pieces of human skin scattered around the area. So, Max thought that Casper tore apart the person’s skin to save himself. When Max carefully looked at the blood he found out that there was more human blood than dogs. Max assumed that Casper survived the attack and ran away somewhere. He shouted Casper’s name at the top of his voice.

After a few moments, Max got tired, his throat started to hurt and he fell to his knees. His vision blurred, but then he heard footsteps approaching him. He wiped his eyes and looked up. He saw the same young boy who was shivering out of fear. The boy put his hand on Max’s shoulder and gave him a concerned look. Max asked in a shaky voice, “Do you know what happened here? The boy again nodded sadly and went around Max’s back. He slowly took out a knife from his right pocket and said, “I am sorry brother”. He then gave the knife to Max and went away. Max was very confused, as to why he would say sorry to him. Max removed the cap from the knife and started to examine it closely it looked fresh and was almost as sharp as a samurai sword.

 He inserted the cap, kept the knife in his pocket and stared to go towards his apartment as it was getting late. All his feelings came rushing in and made him feel nauseous. He had many questions but very less time and most of all he was immensely sad as Casper was missing. When he went upstairs the girl was pacing back and forth opposite to his main door in a restless manner. When she saw him she gave relieved sigh, then gestured him to step into her apartment.

There he saw Casper who was in great pain and a big part of his belly was stitched up neatly. They had put him on the study table, which was full of blood, bandages and all other medical equipment. Casper was given two bags of fresh blood and a bowl of water to drink. Max looked at the lady and the girl and said, “Thank you for everything you have done. Casper is the only family I have left and you have saved him. I cannot be more thankful for this good deed you have done. But what exactly happened? I am very confused.” Max went over to Casper and gave him a soft hug.

Casper weakly wagged his tail then closed his eyes as he was very weak. Max turned off the light and turned on a dim light, then came out of the room after closing the door. They sat on the couch. The lady gave Max a cold glass of water to drink. Max went to the washroom to clean his hands and his face, which were covered with blood.

Max came back to the couch and sat on extreme right. When Max glanced at his cell phone he saw that it was 10:00 pm then he started to think, why was David not here yet. The girl came from her room and sat on the extreme left side of the couch. There was a long awkward silence then, the girl finally broke the silence by saying that her name is Gwen. Max told his with a fake smile, it was clear that he did not want to talk. All he wanted was some information as well as answers to his questions.

So, Gwen started to talk, “I know how much Casper means to you and what is going through you. So, I will just come to the point, when I was going back to the building I heard Casper crying aloud out of pain. I followed his crying then, I saw a young boy grabbing Casper very tightly and cutting his belly open. I ran up to him, punched him across his face and lifted Casper. He pushed me then, I hit the ground really hard. He then again grabbed Casper, opened his belly wide and pulled something from his stomach. It was covered with aluminum paper but it looked like a knife then he ran away as fast as possible. I got up from the ground holding my head then I called my mother to help me out. We picked him up and brought him to our place. While I was feeding him he looked at me as if to say sorry for barking at me rudely. I have to say that Casper is a very sensible, well-mannered and strong dog.” Max then took the knife out of his pocket and showed it to her.

She nodded rapidly and gave surprise look at Max. Max told her that a young boy had given him this and said he was sorry. So, what does that mean? A knife in Casper’s body and Max didn’t even know about it. Why would the boy give the knife to Max? The lady came and sat on the sofa. She introduced herself and asked Max to call her aunt Mary then Max said his name.

Max returned to his apartment with Casper, he placed Casper on the floor then gave him three bowls of water. He quickly went to his room, took $500 to repay Gwen and thank her. Afterwards, he noticed the clock then made his bed and went off to sleep.

It was 10:00 am, Max got up in a hurry and started to call David because he did not come or hear from him for a long time. He then went to Casper to pat him, gave him food to eat and did his dressing. As he was cleaning his desk his eyes randomly went to the knife so he picked it up and stared at it for a long time. Suddenly he started to have rapid flashbacks, which were full of violence.

He went towards the main door to dump yesterday’s garbage, the moment he opened the door he saw David whose clothes were full of blood and his hands were full of scratches. Max immediately brought him inside, gave him a glass of cold water, wiped his hands and his face with a warm wet clothe. Max changed David’s clothes and threw the clothes he was wearing in the washing machine; they were completely stained with blood.

Max sat beside David with a bowl of salad and gave him one too. Casper came towards them with the knife and gave it to Max then sat in the middle with them. David looked at Max and started speaking in a weak voice, “Where did you find that knife from.” Max pointed at Casper’s stitches then explained everything. David was shook and was getting more tensed.

Max asked David why he didn’t come yesterday then David said that he saw an unusual incident in front of his building’s front door. Max looked at him in a questioning way. David started explaining him with a depressed sigh, “The moment I stepped out of my building, a man fell right in front of me from the roof, I immediately went to him to help him out. He pointed towards the roof then said, “Beware of ‘THE SHADOW’ ”. Max got scared and started to remember his dream’s shadow.

The knife suddenly started to vibrate vigorously then gave an electric shock to Max so, Max being horrified threw the knife across the hall. Casper ran after it and brought it back to them but this time he placed it on the floor. All of a sudden someone’s voice came out of that knife, the person said, “PROTECT THE GIRL”. They got confused then looked at each other with a blank face. David picked up the knife with shaky and sweaty hands then saw it very carefully, he saw that it had a tiny speaker attached to it and when he opened the knife he read the word “REVENGE” engraved on the handle. There was also a red rose with falling petals beside the word, seemed like a symbol.

David was looking up while putting the knife back in its case, remembering something. Then, he quickly looked at Max and started speaking excitedly, “Guess what I saw on the roof? (After two minutes of silence) ‘TIME HAS FINALLY COME FOR ME TO RISE AGAIN SO BE AWARE’. These words were written on the roof’s wall with real blood and on the bottom of this sentence a red rose with falling petals was drawn with human blood.

They are the same symbol so, what does this really mean? Is the shadow challenging them or is he trying to trick them and why would the shadow choose them in the whole world? Also why was the knife in Casper’s body? Before they could think more, suddenly their calling bell started ringing aloud. Casper went towards the door and as usual peeked out of the peeking hole. It was Gwen, so he opened the door. She was carrying a piece of paper, Max made a quick introduction then Casper joined the scene licking Gwen’s face. They all sat on the couch comfortably.

Max gave a quick recap about what happened in past few days, then came David’s turn. Gwen also shared her experience with them, so basically all three of them were now updated about each other. Max asked Gwen about the piece of paper she was holding.  She looked at the paper then pointed at our main door. She said that it was carefully placed on the floor outside our door. So, they asked her what was written in it.

She unfolded the paper and started to read, “Hi Max! Remember me, I gave you the knife and you must be curious why I did this. Well, I really did not SHADOW forced me to do this but why, that I do not know.” All three of them froze for a couple of minutes. David looked very frightened so he said that he was going on the roof to get some fresh air. Gwen and Max looked at each other then looked at Casper.

After a few minutes, Gwen went back to her house after comforting Max. Max was sleeping with Casper, after 5 hours suddenly he heard a couple of gun shots coming from the roof, he quickly ran towards the roof and banged opened the door. He saw that, the boy who gave him the knife was lying dead on the floor. Max saw the body carefully and saw that he was shot twice right in his chest.

David came running to the roof and the symbol carved on the wall with blood. Max turned around and asked him where was he all this time. He said that he had gone to the café to drink coffee. Max nodded with a sigh and looked back at the body. Then soon after, Gwen came too and immediately called 911. She said aloud, “The Shadow certainly does not like his secrets to be disclosed and he surely wants to do his work very quickly” then she turned around.

After a few moments NYPD arrived, collected the body, took many pictures and asked questions. The detective that was in charge saw the symbol and sighed in a depressed way. Max asked her did she know anything about it then, she said, “This cold blooded, psychopath, serial killer has already murdered five hundred people for no reason. The most dangerous thing about this person is the moment you think you are getting closer to him; it is when get more tangled. And by the time I gather the whole bio-data and all the information related to his present murder case he commits another murder. He is literally like a shadow, in fact; he comes like a shadow and goes away like shadow. One of my colleges said that he has been a mystery man for 15 years now.” When Max saw her badge carefully he realized that she was a special FBI SWAT detective/agent. Her name was Lauren Watson.

As the NYPD and FBI officers were leaving Max secretly asked Lauren to stay back as he wanted to show her something. After two hours of conversation Lauren looked at them and thanked them for helping her out. They showed her the letter, the knife; the symbol carved on the knife and their respective incidents. In return Max asked her not to disclose this conversation to anyone and if she does it will put everyone in great danger. She respectfully agreed with them but asked how they will expose him.

Max gave a sneaky smile to everyone and said, “Just trust me.” Suddenly the knife started to vibrate vigorously and when the vibration stopped someone spoke in a shattered voice, “Oh! My baby brother do you really think that you and your unworthy small team can expose me so easily. But still I will give you a chance to expose me in front of the whole world.  Prove to me that you are really my baby brother HAHAHA! LET’S SEE WHAT YOU ARE REALLY CAPABLE OF DOING, BROTHER

Everyone in the room looked at David in a very horrified and frightened way. They did not look at Max because they knew that Max didn’t have any siblings and his parents were missing for more than 40 years now. David looked at the knife and spoke in a shocking voice, “First of all we seriously have to get rid of this knife and secondly I really do not have any idea what that person is talking about because my sibling has been missing for twenty years, my sibling is a female and on top of that she is two years younger than me. So it does not make sense at all.”

 Max as well as Gwen agreed with him but Lauren still had some doubts on David. So, whom was The Shadow really addressing to? Lauren made a few phone calls and in the mean time, Max wrapped the knife tightly with a leather cloth. Gwen kept it in a small strong metal box then tied that box with a very strong rope. After a few moments, two SWAT officers came and took the box with them. David asked Lauren where they were taking the knife then, Lauren said that they were taking it to an unknown and to a high secretive place, which is guarded by many highly advanced armed soldiers.

 At 11:00 pm Max went to an abandoned house and shouted ‘Shadow’ at top of his lungs. After a few minutes, a dark shadow as big as a full-grown young man started to appear from a corner of the hallway. Max immediately pointed his pistol given by Lauren towards the shadow then suddenly someone started laughing very loudly. Max was confused because the voice kept on changing from a man’s voice to a woman’s voice in every ten seconds.

Then suddenly Casper jumped on Max and pushed him so hard that Max fell on the ground grunting in pain. While Casper was growling at him, Shadow came out of that corner and saw max trying to calm Casper down. Shadow smiled and said that Max was no match for him because he could not even handle a dog. Then Max yelled and said that shadow is the one who was really a coward, as he was using Casper against Max to protect himself.

 Shadow smiled again while taking his fighting stunt and Casper moved from between. All of a sudden David jumped from the roof and stood on the left side of Max holding two samurai swords. Gwen and Lauren also jumped from the roof and landed right behind Shadow, both of them were heavily armed with highly advanced military weapons and clothes.

All four of them were surrounding Shadow and every way of escaping was jammed completely so, basically it was a do or die situation.

All four of them ran aggressively towards the Shadow and it was a matter of few seconds to turn that hallway to a bloody and you could smell blood in the air.

 After a few moments, there was a big blast and everyone flew scattered all over the place. Max opened his eyes with great difficulty and felt a screeching sharp pain in his head; he saw that all his friends were unconscious lying on a hospital bed. Casper immediately jumped up on his bed and started licking his face joyfully.

 An FBI SWAT detective came and patted Casper with great respect then the detective said that if his dog had not found the police officer then all of them would have been dead.

Surprisingly nobody got hurt severely and unfortunately nobody could see The Shadow’s face. All of them were highly disappointed but Max got a hint so did David. Casper gave Max a tape when the police officers and detectives went away. Max understood that this tape was meant for him and his friends. After a few months of proper medication all four of them were dispatched from the hospital.

They directly went to Max’s apartment to watch the tape given by The Shadow. Max unlocked his main door, they went inside then Gwen made four glasses of chilly cold lemonade and Lauren was making the couch. Max and David were preparing the theatre. Max inserted the tape and all of them sat on the couch comfortably.

In that tape all five hundred people along with their background history were flashed one after the other who were brutally murdered by The Shadow. At the end of the video The Shadow said one of Walt Disney’s quotes, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” The door bell started to ring so Casper went to receive whatever was behind that door he came back after a few minutes and gave Max the package which the courier left. Max opened it and got very shocked when he saw the knife in fact everyone was very scared now.

 The knife vibrated vigorously then The Shadow started to speak, “Did you guys really think that you could win with me but I have to say that you guys did put up one hell of a fight. My brother Max, did you ever try to find out about our parents, about how they went missing all of a sudden? Well I did and you know what those monsters did? They literally killed them with no mercy. So, I hunted those monsters down and they had a crippling death.

They killed our parents because our parents did not want to co-operate with them for their evil activities and threatened to expose them. They were the biggest drug dealers of New York and brutal too. Our dad found out that these people were using his company to buy large acres of land all over U.S.A so that they could carry out their dirty business without anyone knowing. I am three years older than you Max and you never saw me because dad put me in an orphanage. He did this to protect you and me. I know you will want proof for whatever I said. So come to central park at midnight and come alone.” The knife shut down then Max got up and declared that he will go alone, everybody agreed but in one condition.

It was 11:00 pm so Max started getting ready; he wore two bulletproof jackets, took two pocket sharp knives and two handguns. He arrived at central park within 12:00 am as the Shadow told him to. After a few minutes Shadow came and gave him all the documents to prove that he is not lying. Max took all the documents and went home. Everyone was sad but proud of him at the same time for what Shadow had done.

 Lauren said that, “He is really doing a noble deed but the way he does it is not right because in the eyes of the law it is murder no matter how bad a person is we humans do not have the right to decide whether a person should live or die. The God decides for human beings birth and death.” Everyone agreed with her but at the same time they thought how they would make the Shadow understand. The knife started to vibrate again and Shadow spoke, “It is ok guys I have understood and I know the saying, ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’. So, from now on I will capture the bad guys and turn them in for the police to take care of them.”