European Parliament will not observe Bangladesh election
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The European Parliament will not observe the upcoming general election in Bangladesh on Dec 30, the EU delegation office in Dhaka has said.

The co-chairs of the European Parliament's Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group made a statement in this regard.

"The European Parliament will not observe this electoral process and consequently will neither comment on the process nor on the results that will be announced afterwards. Moreover, there will be no European Union Election Observation Mission."

It said no individual member of the European Parliament has been mandated to observe or comment on this electoral process on its behalf.

"Any statements made by members of the European Parliament on these elections therefore do not represent in any way the view of the European Parliament or the European Union.”

The statement was issued by MEPs David McAllister (EPP, DE) and Linda McAvan (S&D, UK).

The European Parliament stated its position on the elections in its resolution of November 15, which expressed the hope that the elections will be “peaceful, transparent and participatory so that citizens can express a genuine political choice; calls on the political forces to refrain from any violence or instigation of violence during the electoral period.”


28 Nov, 2018 10:11:16