Irrfan Khan Surrenders to Cancer?
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Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan who was recently diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer has revealed his turmoil on June 18th via a heartwarming note. The actor, known for his roles in Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi, and The Darjeeling Limited shared a note through The Times of India, titled A Note from London. The actor, who is currently receiving treatment in London, spoke about how he had to go through a trial-and-error treatment as his cancer was very rare. In the note, he talked about his fears and about how he had gone through phases of anger, shock and resignation throughout the last few months. “The suddenness made me realize how you are just a cork floating in the ocean with unpredictable currents! And you are desperately trying to control it,” Khan wrote. The actor also thanked all his fans for their prayers, and how he could feel all their good wishes in every cell of his body.   

Source: The Times of India


04 Jul, 2018 12:30:09