‘Debi’ to Be Released At Kolkata
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Jaya Ahsan's Film Debi
Based on the novel written by the one and only Humayun Ahmed, the upcoming film Debi has been at the center of attention since it was first announced. The film will feature the debut of Jaya Ahsan as a producer as well as the directorial debut of Anam Biswas, a scriptwriter behind the successful 2016 film Aynabaji. In fact, Anam Biswas is currently short-listed as a potential winner for the National Film Award in Scriptwriting for Aynabaji, and his upcoming Debi is set for release at Kolkata as well. Anam Biswas seems to be having the time of his life right now, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet! Currently, no release date for Debi has been announced by either the producer or the director, but we do know that with a fantastic cast of Chanchal Chowdhury, Jaya Ahsan, Sabnam Faria, Animesh Aich and Iresh Zaker, the film should live up to its hype. Producer Jaya Ahsan has also addressed serious promise regarding the film's success.


09 Apr, 2018 23:47:26