Delhi, Washington discuss terrorism in S Asia
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India and the United States on Tuesday reviewed threats posed by terrorist groups worldwide and in their respective regions, including cross-border terrorism in the South Asia region. 

Both sides committed to strengthening information sharing on some of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups and individuals at the 15th meeting of the India-US Counterterrorism joint working group meeting.

They exchanged views on efforts to counter the financing and operations of regional and global terrorist organisations. 

The two sides discussed international efforts to counter threats posed by foreign terrorist fighters. 

Ministry of External Affairs Joint Secretary Mahaveer Singhvi and the State Department’s Principal Deputy Coordinator for Counterterrorism Alina L Romanowski led their respective sides at the meeting held in New Delhi.

The Indian and the US delegations achieved important progress on counterterrorism cooperation between the two countries, according to a joint statement issued by the US Department of State.

The working group also discussed international and bilateral cooperation on justice, law enforcement, and capacity building efforts to counter terrorism, and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2396.

Following up on the inaugural US-India Counterterrorism Designations Dialogue in December 2017, the delegations discussed ongoing efforts to ensure the effective implementation of domestic and international terrorist designations. 

The United States will host the next meeting of the Joint Working Group in 2019.

28 Mar, 2018 12:01:28