No godfather? Priyanka Chopra's here for you
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Within two days of returning to India, Priyanka Chopra is already hard at work - after giving the much-needed impetus to regional cinema with her production house, Purple Pebble Pictures, the actor is championing the cause of supporting new talent. Marking her first step towards attaining the goal, she launched the studio's website on Thursday.

In an interesting move, the site includes a talent platform where aspiring artistes - across the fields of acting, script writing and direction, among others - can fill an application form and stand a chance to bag a project.'

About the new initiative, Priyanka's mother and business partner Dr Madhu Chopra says, "We're constantly looking to discover talent. It could be a skill in any area of filmmaking. Of course, writers are crucial to the process of filmmaking and since content has been one of the pillars of our banner, we want writers with a fresh approach and perspective."

Aspiring storytellers can send their scripts to the studio after filling up the application form. Priyanka Chopra has put together a team of curators who will cull out interesting stories that can then be bankrolled by the studio. Similarly, there are dedicated teams that will select and groom new talents across different areas of filmmaking. "Anyone with the skills associated with filmmaking can apply. Enter your details, and if you fit the bill for any of our upcoming projects, we'll get in touch with you. The idea is to provide a platform where talent can be curated, groomed and allowed to excel. There is abundant potential, but not enough opportunities."

Mom Chopra says it was Priyanka's idea to ensure deserving talent gets a break in showbiz. "In her early days in Bollywood, Priyanka had no one she could turn to for advice. Through this website, she wants to encourage aspirants who can make it in the entertainment business."




24 Mar, 2018 10:08:30