The 2nd Annual BCCB Basketball Tournament
George Gomes
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The 2nd Annual BCCB Basketball Tournament is scheduled to take place on March 17, 2018 at Centennial College, Progress Campus in Scarborough (5th under the same management, previously known as TBSO). Highlighted by ten teams, close to 100 athletes teams representing Ottawa, Hamilton and various other areas in the GTA, this year’s tournament is expected to be marked with amazing basketball plays, exceptional teamwork and a demonstration of the collective skills of the Bangladeshi community in the game of basketball.

At its core, basketball is a team sport requiring the coordination of a group of players. Each member of the team brings a specific skill set – whether it’s handling the basketball, making jump shots, blocking attempted shots or rebounding.  By working together and collectively following a game plan, a team’s ultimate objective is to score more points than their opponent. Similarly, behind this tournament lies a group of dedicated individuals working together to achieve a common goal.

Led by the Executive Team of Taiseer Alam, Nadia Hassan & Mohaimin Harun, the vision has always been to provide Bangladeshis with an opportunity to come together as a community through the game of basketball. Recognizing that they need a team to truly make a positive experience for all, a Management team was established bringing together individuals who had a passion for the game of basketball and the skills and resources needed to effectively organize a tournament of this size and scope. Growing up in Queens, New York, Rupal AFM Ahsan moved to Ontario with his family in 2002 and has since been an avid sports enthusiast and has relentlessly participated in tournaments and leagues across the GTA. Born and raised in Toronto, Samayet Hasan picked up the game of basketball at an early age and though he is now pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, the passion for the game has never left, as he is currently coaching and training athletes.  From Kingston, Ontario, Imtiaz Karim believes that sports can be an exceptional method to making new friends, playing at various skill levels, escaping the hustle and bustle of the real and perhaps the monotonous everyday life. The last member of the team is me, George Gomes – the writer of this column! I moved to Canada in 1996 with my family from Bangladesh at the young age of seven and I’d like to think basketball has played a very important role in my life. Though I’d like to think I could have made it to the NBA (a guy can dream right?), I’ve now turned my attention to bringing the game of basketball to others in hopes that it has a positive impact just like it did for me.

I’ve participated in past iterations of the tournament as a player and enjoyed both success and defeat alike. While hoisting the trophy will be etched in my mind for a very long time, it is the friendships that I’ve been able to develop and maintain through the BCCB Basketball tournaments that really stands out. Before taking part in BCCB Basketball tournaments, I knew of a handful of fellow Bangladeshis and none of them played basketball. I now have a network of more 200+ individuals who share the same passion as me. But perhaps even bigger than that is that I now know Bangladeshis who’ve had the same experiences as me as a Bangladeshi living in Canada. I, like so many others positively impacted by BCCB have access to resources, networks and support from Bangladeshis all across Canada.  It brings me great joy and excitement to see our community flourish through the various initiatives led by BCCB. I can only imagine how beneficial this will be for future generations.

So, whether you know someone playing in the tournament, a casual fan or want to meet fellow Bangladeshis, I would encourage you to come and support your community on March 17, 2018. I can guarantee you that you’ll meet amazing people and catch a few jaw-dropping plays from our amazing teams and players.




Centennial College Progress Campus : Student , Athletics and Wellness Centre

941 Progress Ave

Scarborough, ON M1K 5E9


Tournament Start Time: 1PM

Awards Ceremony: 7:30 PM

Tournament End Time:  8 PM

16 Mar, 2018 10:21:58