Supriya Devi had confidence in her love for Uttam Kumar, says grandson
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On her birthday this year, Supriya Devi had a request for her grandson, Sean Banerjee. She asked him to take her to a place near Dhanbad where she would often go with Uttam Kumar.

Sean says perhaps his Amma could realise that her days were numbered. Excerpts from a chat with him:

Is life harder or easier as Supriya Choudhury's grandson ?

My bond with her was forged by birth, but I have never used it to get work. When I was born, Amma (Supriya Devi) was in her late 60s. Ma (Soma) used to tell me stories about her films, what she was like in her heyday and the fact that she was hailed as a style icon. I always took interest in acting and Amma wanted me to be an actor but I never asked her to recommend my name to anyone. I am a model trying to learn the nuances of acting, so that I can take it up as a profession. Amma was ailing for some time and I now want to fulfil her dreams. She used to tell me that Dadu (Uttam Kumar) would have loved me as I have such great interest in films, especially the old ones, reports TOI.

Tell us about the bonding you shared with her.

I used to live with Amma and shared almost everything with her; it was the same with her. I remember when I was studying in Nainital, she would come to pick me up from my boarding school and people used to wait to click pictures with her and get autographs signed. In fact, on January 26, when she fell unconscious in the washroom early in the morning, I lifted her and made her lie on the bed but the efforts were in vain. She suffered a massive cardiac arrest and passed away without much pain.

In our free time, Amma and I used to watch her films and each time she liked her performance she would ask for my feedback. 'Bona (she used to call me by that name), kemon shot ta diyechhilam bol?' she would ask. She once told me how Ritwik Ghatak broke into tears after she delivered the line, Dada ami banchte chai in Meghe Dhaka Tara. Amma loved to watch serials but she was not clued into current films. She loved to go on long drives with me. A month back, I took her to Prinsep Ghat, where we both had ice creams; she was very fond of them. On her birthday this year (January 8), she requested me to take her to a place near Dhanbad where both Dadu and Amma used to go often to spend some alone time. She could perhaps realise that her days were numbered. Amma's love for Dadu was unconditional, which I could feel every time she spoke about him. Of late, she used to miss ma every now and then and would say, 'Amar pashe thak tora sobai, jani na kal ki hobe'.


31 Jan, 2018 11:09:18