Rubi live again on facebook over Salman Shah’s murder
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Rabeya Sultana Rubi, an accused in popular Bengali film actor Salman Shah murder case, was live on facebook making comment on  hero’s murder Wednesday morning. Starting at 8:34am, Rubi continued to speak for 25 minutes.

Rubi raised question about Salman Shah’s wife Samira’s activities. “Why Samira does not speak? Why Samira does not come in front of people? Is she VIP? Is she more valuable than Bangladesh Prime Minister? Why she is very scared? Because she is not able to talk as she has no answer,” she said.

She also said “Why Samira does not say what I have done? Why so many questions are revolving around me? Why would  I kill Salman Shah?

Rubi said Samira does not say anything.

Rubi reffered to an incident which occurred on the day of Salman Shah’s killing. She said “Samira gave a bag to my son on the day Salman was murdered”.

She said further “ I don’t know whether it is murder or suicide. I said earliar that it is murder. I said this because I was too emotional then. The real fact will come out if  Samira or her father is interrogated”.


09 Aug, 2017 20:35:14